Feelix believes that people should be able to monetize the wealth locked up in their homes without the need to move out or enter into a loan.

Contribute to the solution of a growing social problem in The Netherlands. Invest in Feelix!

Why Feelix

There is a growing population of elderly people who worked hard throughout their entire life and paid off their mortgages. Nevertheless, despite the accumulated assets, they do not have the desired financial freedom. They are the ‘prisoner’ of the assets built up in their own homes: ‘stone rich but cash poor’. 

The only solution seems to sell their homes and move out.

One loses the familiar social environment and that makes them unhappy. Feelix provides the solution for this growing social problem.

Shortage of free sector rental homes
There is a very large shortage of free sector rental homes in the Netherlands and in people’s trusted environments, so moving out to a rental home is not an option for many. Feelix provides these people a new choice: to remain in their homes and maintain control over their preferred environment!

“Nursing home?”

“We stay here till the very end; 
and then we still won’t leave…
We take a nurse in our home, 
build a stair lift and a special bathroom. 
Considerable costs, for which we need money, which is locked up in our home, so…”


“In a period of just 15 months 159.000 people used the tax free grant up to 100.000 euro. This was 8 times more than expected.”

— The Netherlands Court of Audit,
December 2017

Feelix believes that every homeowner should be able to monetize its home without the need to move out or enter into a new loan. Elderly can purchase care or make necessary adjustments to their homes. Pensioners can make their dreams come true like buying a holiday home or going on a cruise. Older parents can grant to their children (as of 1 January 2017 one is allowed a tax free grant to each child under 40 years of up to 100.000 euro if used for certain purposes) or retire a few years earlier.

Entering into a new (reverse) mortgage is not a solution because of the often very unattractive age conditions. Why would you take out a loan to free up your assets anyway?

Feelix offers these people a new choice! 

True central focus on customer interest

Feelix is not speculating against homeowners

Feelix has a true central focus on customer interest (‘Klantbelang Centraal’) and has created a sustainable solution for homeowners to monetize their hard earned wealth. Feelix enables people to maintain full control over their preferred environment. Feelix is NOT speculating against homeowners. They are not forced to move out, but continue their lives the way they are used to.

“Compared to other market research we conducted on new financial products this is a remarkable positive result”

Research shows:
Consumers surprisingly positive about Feelix

Research & consultancy agency Motivaction conducted an elaborate quantitative market research on the Feelix concept. The results are positive:

Over 1/3 of the interviewed target group is positive about Feelix:

  • 19% view the concept as very positive (8-9-10 on the 10 point scale)
  • 17% view this new initiative as positive (7 points).

“Her own house”

“Our daughter is a real grown up now; she wants her own house. Like we wanted in our time. I really want to help her, but all our money is locked up in our house. We definitely don’t want to move, so what do we do?”


Feelix is an independent fintech platform bringing demand and supply together. Feelix provides institutional investors the opportunity of a direct investment in Dutch housing at attractive returns, relatively low risk profile and little handling according to the unique Feelix formula. Selected houses will be delivered in managed SPV’s. The Feelix investors are not speculative investors but investors like insurance companies, pension funds and other longer term investors. Investors can apply for each transaction round and the most competitive bid wins, resulting in lowest monthly payment for homeowners.

A highly experienced organization

Feelix was founded in 2014 by Hugo Geluk, a former senior banker with an international investment bank responsible for big ticket movable and immovable asset projects in Europe and North America. 

Feelix enjoys the close cooperation of a team of nine highly reputed specialists in the field of Law, Tax, Notary, Market Research, Media, Operations and Banking.

Sweco, the most involved and accessible partner with recognized real estate expertise for Feelix

“Sweco designs and develops living environments and cities for the future. With 15.000 employees in Europe, we offer our clients the right expertise for any situation. We execute projects in 70 countries around the globe. Sweco employs 1.500 professionals in the Netherlands and was formerly known as Grontmij. 

Sweco has been selected by Feelix to become their service provider and will deliver its expertise in all phases of the product; as intermediary between Feelix, its customers and investors after entering into the agreement. We provide our services throughout the entire tenor of the agreement to ensure that customers and investors expectations will be met. 

We believe in the powerful combination of our curiosity and our expertise as high quality real estate partner. Over 40 years we advise owners and users of real estate on the base of simplicity and client focus.” 

— Sander Groot, Director Propertymanagement at Sweco


Feelix is a social responsible impact investment in a very large market. The net wealth of Dutch homeowners accumulates to over €600 billion and is probably the largest new Dutch investment market for institutional investors. As comparison: the Dutch mortgage market accumulates to around €675 billion.


Opportunity to express your strong interest in a direct equity release investment in existing Dutch homes in the Randstad area with a low risk profile and relatively little handling.


  • Size: €200-300 million.

Return on investment:

  • Based on monthly direct returns, no speculation returns. No property development risk;
  • Attractive Net Initial Yield increased by annual CPI household index.


  • An investment for long-term fixed return, inflation and longevity and is well resistant to market shocks due to long ‘time in the market‘;
  • Social responsible impact investment.


Hugo Geluk,
Founder of Feelix.nl

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